Verset Zero

The secret verse of the Holy Christian Bible. A version telling the story of a betrayed, tortured man, who returns to Earth seeking revenge on humanity, to eradicate all forms of belief by spreading his dark doctrine – a teaching that the project holds at its core, unfolding as an evolutive story throughout the surfacing productions. A love declaration, dismembered by darkness, violence and blasphemy.

A notion of global art remains integral, utilising the practices of multiple mediums; collaborating with tattoo artists, filmmakers, designers, choreographers, black metal musicians and vocalists – various disciplines are forged into one unforgiving image. Verset Zero live shows present an alternative offering, influenced by extreme music; pagan, noise, industrial metal, dark ambient, doom and black metal. Broken, enigmatic sounds, proposed over desolate, war-torn ambiance and noise. A prayer cutting through an oppressive atmosphere.

Verset Zero’s studio work appears across a selection of independent labels; Instruments of Discipline, Clan Destine Records, AMOK Tapes, Tripalium, Phage Tapes, Intervision, Infidel Bodies, Strange Therapy, Ormolycka, and Subsist – featuring alongside Huren, Regis, Operant, Unhuman, UVB76, Autumns, Coldgiest, BlackPlague, DeathGrips, VioletPoison, Schacke, Morah, Ontal, BlackFlag, Alexey Volkov and King Dude. Following solo EP’s, splits, VA’s, remixes and a debut album, the next full length will soon emerge, as Verset Zero prepares for his return on Berlin-based, Instruments of Discipline, with his forthcoming sophomore album.

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Travel: x1 person travelling from Paris, France.

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