The secret verse of the Holy Christian Bible. A version telling the story of a betrayed, tortured man, who returns to Earth seeking revenge on humanity, to eradicate all forms of belief by spreading his dark doctrine – a teaching that the project holds at its core, unfolding as an evolutive story throughout the surfacing productions. A love declaration, dismembered by darkness, violence and blasphemy.

A notion of global art remains integral, utilising the practices of multiple mediums; collaborating with tattoo artists, filmmakers, designers, choreographers, black metal musicians and vocalists – various disciplines are forged into one unforgiving image. Verset Zero live shows present an alternative offering, influenced by extreme music; pagan, noise, industrial metal, dark ambient, doom and black metal. Broken, enigmatic sounds, proposed over desolate, war-torn ambiance and noise. A prayer cutting through an oppressive atmosphere.

Verset Zero’s studio work appears across a selection of independent labels; Instruments of Discipline, Clan Destine Records, AMOK Tapes, Tripalium, Phage Tapes, Intervision, Infidel Bodies, Strange Therapy, Ormolycka, and Subsist – featuring alongside Huren, Regis, Operant, Unhuman, UVB 76, Autumns, Coldgiest, Black Plague, Death Grips, Violet Poison, Schacke, Morah, Ontal, Black Flag, Alexey Volkov and King Dude. Following solo EP’s, splits, VA’s, remixes and a debut album, the next full length will soon emerge, as Verset Zero prepares for his return on Berlin-based, Instruments of Discipline, with his forthcoming sophomore album.