• Booking Agent: Alex Fraser
  • Booking Contact: alex@greyarea.agency
  • Performance(s): Live Set
  • Travel: x1 travelling from Dublin, IE & x1 from London, UK
  • Tech & Hospitality Rider (Live): Download
  • Press Kit: Download ZIP

    Vacant Heads is the duo of Christian Donaghey (Autumns) and Oliver Ho (Broken English Club).Having worked together (Autumns' album ‘Shortly After Nothing’ was released through Ho’s ‘Death and Leisure’ label) and shared stages over the years - Vacant Heads was borne from a desire to both collaborate on records and form a live unit. Their self-titled debut EP released on Belfast’s Touch Sensitive is a bold taster of where Vacant Heads are at and where they’re headed. These four tracks reek of a brutal and busted city - after hours prowls with fuck all to do and nowhere to go.

    As a live act, Donaghey and Ho have fused elements of their solo artistry into a sonic montage of electronic post-punk, wave and dub. With Donaghey wielding guitar, mic and pedals, Ho takes full control of drums and electronics. The project offers a timely soundtrack to an age of political unrest.