Active in various scenes since the 90’s, from days as a graffiti artist, to the emergence of techno in Europe and buying his first Akai 950 and Atari ST-1040, Milan-based Andrea Riberti is a live artist and producer with his roots cemented in early rave culture, drawing from the wake of Post Punk, Industrial and Body Music. As a project, Unconscious surfaced in 2013 to further experiment within electronic music, acting as an outlet to communicate harsh electronics and post-industrial sounds.

Earlier works under the alias were aimed within the techno field, with traces of EBM, such as 2016’s“Codex Gigas” EP on Berlin-based Advanced, and 2017’s sophomore album “Chaos Theory”on Moscow based, NEN Records. Proceeding releases on SARIN’s X-MG, Marc Ash’s Blacksilk, Berlin-based Instruments of Discipline and AREA Z, began to define an evolving course, closely identifying within a new wave of EBM, cutting raw and nostalgic sounds with sharp modernity.

Unconscious’ live and hybrid performances are aimed at the fully body, moving dance-floors with a charged and sonorous strain of Industrial-EBM and Techno.

Booking Agent: Alex Fraser

Booking Contact: alex@greyarea.agency

Travel: x1 person travelling from Milan, Italy.

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