Born in Italy, September ’82, Unconscious was raised with his father as a drummer, building a relationship with music as a child. In the mid 90’s, this evolved into a connection with Techno music, thanks to an older group of friends involved in the emerging scene. Absorbing the environment around him, naturally, he moved into experimenting with mixing sounds of the time, with makeshift means in his home. DJing soon wasn’t enough, so he decided to buy a sampler Akai 950, an Atari ST-1040 and began to play with sounds. The first workings were heavily influenced by early techno of the period, but also by electronic and Hip-Hop, owing to some years spent as a graffiti artist.

As a project, Unconscious was founded as a parallel and alternative space in 2013, one to communicate raw, post-industrial sound explorations, dressed with hard grooves and intense, powerful bass. Frequent trips to Berlin and throughout Europe widened the scope of the project, playing an influential role in the development of sound. Later becoming a home away from Italy, it was in Berlin that Unconscious’ artistic direction manifested. Identifying within the EBM movement, the output is aimed at the full body, moving dancefloors. In 2017, the focus was turned to live, hardware-heavy performances across a number of key cities from London to Moscow – pushing dark and sonorous, danceable music through the distorted lens of Unconscious.

Catalogued releases through; Advanced, Blackwater, Blacksilk, Corresponding Positions, Kobayashi Recordings, NEN Records, Oracle Records, WarinD Records, Ways To Die Records & X-IMG.

Booking Agent: Alex Fraser

Booking Contact: alex@greyarea.agency

Travel: x1 person travelling from Milan, Italy.

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