Shadowcomplex was born as a drummer, with punk and metal influences of the period. Retaining the power and strength of these earlier genres, Shadowcomplex steps into the exploration of electronic music, through its darkest and most extreme territories. Techno, Industrial and Experimental soon became languages, communicative mediums for sound exploration and representation.

Also producing under the Bosh alias since 2013, the Shadowcomplex project made traction in 2016 with an acid-leaning contribution to Variant Electronic’s VA002. 2017 marked the release of two acclaimed EP’s, a five-track return on Waterford-based label, Variant Electronic, entitled “Under Siege”, and a self-titled, two-track debut on Paris-based, RND. Records. Both works continue to define distinct characteristics, metallic swords, haunting choirs, cinematic atmospheres, power electronics and industrialised drums.

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