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  • Performance(s): DJ Set
  • Travel: x1 travelling from Berlin, DE
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    Randstad is the music moniker of Dutch trans-disciplinary artist, Thomas van Linge. Currently residing in Berlin, van Linge founded and runs the record labels Rubber and BAKK together with Nic Borst and Ruben Verkuylen, alongside curating a bi-weekly podcast series, Rubber Tijd. As a DJ & Producer under the Randstad alias, he has built a loyal following through his high-energy sets and originality on stage, in the studio and through his radio residency on HOR, Berlin.

    Following a contribution to a compilation on Rotterdam’s premiere alternative electronic outlet, Pinkman, Randstad emerged in full form on the same label, with a 6-track debut entitled “Stranded” released in May, 2019. The Mini-LP on Pinkman was a distinct and accomplished production, dripping in a seductive, unapologetic originality as it worked it’s way from industrialised beat trax, to brain melting leftfield electronics. The debut mapped out clear direction for the project, one that would not conform to any external expectations.

    In July of 2020, Randstad offered a chaser to the Pinkman debut in the form of “Metalloid”, a single track contributed to the “Still Life” Various Artists on esteemed Milan-based record label, Veyl. Continuing his affiliation with the imprint, van Linge went on to make his sophomore release with the widely acclaimed “These Serpents'” EP released in November, 2020. The 6-track EP continues in the same vein as the project’s debut, refusing to be boxed into any given genre, as it manoeuvers across the spectrum of industrialised beat music and offers 6 roaring floor wreckers.