An electronic project born in 2014, London-based Pleiades have paved a path of continuous exploration, resisting the confines of a genre and placing the focus on an evolving arsenal of sound.

In 2015, Pleiades became residents for Grey Matter at the time of its inception. Having built their name in the underground circuit through their residency and playing various key clubs and spaces, the project continues to hold weight at off-the-map nights and un-promoted after-hour sessions, with their sets resonating throughout London’s walls. In recent times, the attention has been turned to further experimentation both inside and outside of the booth, working in the studio on their productions alongside sculpting sets and recordings that venture through broken beats, cinematic atmospheres and haunting spaces. As DJ’s, the duo has maintained a signature versatility, equally comfortable setting the mood of a space with experimental ambient, as they are closing a room with extended, high-energy performances.

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Travel: x2 persons travelling from London.

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