Lapse of Reason

Lapse of Reason is the musical project of Pablo Bozzi, a Berlin-based, French producer, DJ and live artist. Being immersed in music from his earliest age, through his parents both being musicians, he joined the National Conservatory of Toulouse at the age of 6 and practised the harpsichord until he was 16 years old. He then discovered electronic music, left the Conservatory and began to acquire his first synthesizers and drum machines, which he has not stopped using since. Pablo is also one half of the EBM project, Imperial Black Unit, created with his friend Templer, which debuted with a release on aufnahme+wiedergabe. He is also a member and resident of the collective and label, Area Z.

Lapse of Reason drives you into his universe by mixing his different influences, from EBM to Techno, through New Wave, New Beat and Industrial, to define a kind of modern, powerful, mutant body techno. Two forthcoming releases under the project will emerge in 2018, one through London-based, Khemia Records, and also an EP scheduled with Berlin’s, aufnahme+wiedergabe.

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