• Booking Agent: Alex Fraser
  • Booking Contact: alex@greyarea.agency
  • Performance(s): Live Set
  • Travel: x1 travelling from Dublin, IE
  • Tech & Hospitality Rider (Live): Download
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    Autumns is an outlet for electronic post-punk, fused with elements of dub and sound experimentation. The project showcases a love of whip-cracked rhythms, heavily effected vocals and no-wave guitars, processed through dub techniques within the mixing desk. An obsession with freak sounds leads to a high-intensity live show, using minimal equipment for maximum results.

    After a brace of rough demos, the project emerged fully formed on Karl O’Connor’s (aka Regis) label Downwards back in 2014, joining a vanguard of artists that includes Tropic of Cancer, Samuel Kerridge and British Murder Boys. Building on his continuous prolific journey with releases on Detriti, Death & Leisure and Opal Tapes, Autumns has taken the project to forms of dysfunctional metal dance, dubbed-out rhythms and DIY punk angst. Autumns has also ventured outside the typical music world by taking up projects such as performing alongside Samuel Kerridge at the 2016 edition of Paris Fashion Week for Downwards, creating a sound installation at Void Gallery (2019) and improvising a desolate live score for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (2016). The need for musical exploration runs deep in the release of his shoegaze project with Kris Baha (2020) and the debut industrial dub collaboration with Oliver Ho (aka Broken English Club), Vacant Heads (2022).

    Alongside a heavy touring and release schedule, Autumns also curates a monthly radio show, Dyslexia Sound System, on Bristol’s Noods Radio, where he plays a mix of his favourite artists and solo material and invites friends to produce guest mixes and live sets.