War Scenes

Philipp Läufer is a prolific artist based in Berlin. After starting the post-punk band Bleib Modern and his own record label Black Verb Records, War Scenes became an outlet for his solo productions. In his first live jams and recordings under the alias, he quickly established a unique cut of techno; a hybrid of relentlessly propulsive lines, bred with broken, machine-born sounds, forming conflictingly raw and surgical output.

In 2017, he made his debut release on Berlin-based, Instruments of Discipline, with the 4-track “Unsystematic Schemes” EP. Filled with metallic distortion and industrialised sound explorations, the EP hit like a lethal injection of unfamiliarity. Continuing his affiliation with the imprint, 2018 welcomed the second release through the label, in the form of the highly-charged, 4-track “Anorexia” EP. This second offering took a more focused aim at earlier hints towards techno, yet still retaining a signature mark of impulsive experimentations and military aesthetics.

War Scenes live shows are pure punk-techno, using analog gear and only the most necessary elements to keep bodies moving.


Booking Agent: Alex Fraser

Booking Contact: alex@greyarea.agency

Travel: x1 person travelling from Berlin, Germany.

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