Pablo Bozzi

A love affair with music first formed at just 6 years old, spending his childhood and teen years practising the harpsichord at the National Conservatory of Toulouse, Pablo Bozzi is a Berlin-based Producer, Live Artist and DJ that now stands behind a multitude of alias’ and co-projects. From solo material as Lapse of Reason, to joint projects such as Imperial Black Unit, Infravision and Lost Highway, Bozzi has amassed an arsenal of sounds and artistic formats, each filling its own space in a diverse catalogue of output. From EBM and Techno, through New Wave, to Italo, New Beat and Industrial, he maintains little regard for conventional parameters within electronic music.

Following preceding releases on Khemia Records, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe and Veyl under the Lapse of Reason project, Bozzi debuted under his own name in 2020, firstly with a remix for electro maestro, Arnaud Rebotini, and later followed with the 4-track ‘Walk On Wire’ EP released on Phase Fatale & Florian Engerling’s, BITE. The EP marked a significant new sonic signature for Bozzi, still retaining a raw, danceable and percussive outlook, yet taking a new direction in sound through fusing elements of Italo, Techno and Body Music. The record combines notes of nostalgia with a reimagined, contemporary aesthetic.

Through his live shows and DJ performances, Bozzi drives you into his own universe by contextualising a plethora of musical influences, often characterised by heavy rhythmic groove, dominating drum patterns and ice-cold basslines. A number of further collaborative projects and releases will also soon emerge, along with a continued radio residency on Berlin’s HÖR, where Bozzi showcases friends and artists he admires.


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