Founder and label head of Public System Recordings, MYN has traversed vast musical territory without sinking into a definable genre or pattern. From electro, industrial, techno, minimal synth, experimental, electronic body music, cold wave, punk electronics, new beat, italo and acid, the Marseille-based Parisian has adeptly navigated his way through the sonic nuances of alternative electronic music. His armament of playful antics and keen ear for cutting edge sounds is evident in his curation of Public System Recordings, as well as his irreverent and enthusiastic DJ appearances performed globally.

MYN’s induction into the world of electronic music was at the hands of his uncle, who was a favored resident at the New Beat temple Boccacio in Belgium and used to run a synthesizer and record store in the North of France in the early ’90s, providing the backdrop for early sonic experimentations. With the ability to blend the morose with the sublime, MYN’s depth of flavour invites ears both seasoned and fresh to heed this talent much beyond its years. Working across multiple creative formats on stage, in the studio and through the Public System Recordings show on Rinse France, MYN consistently fills spaces and airwaves with an intense and energetic eclecticism.

Following a well received debut track on his own imprint, the project soon landed on Rotterdam’s premier electronic outlet, Pinkman. The 3-track EP entitled ‘The Violent Poetry’ is a venture into raw electronics, with the opening track ‘Mental Outburst’ embodying stripped-back percussion and disconcerting 303 work. The second track from the release, ‘Black Rose’, diverges from the 4/4 of the opening into a piece of pummelling broken beat about power and dominance. The Violent Poetry concludes with yet more deathly rhythms and spine chilling verses in ‘Core Collapse’. Besides from fresh new solo music on the horizon, MYN has a number of joint side-projects that will also yield new releases in the coming months.

As a touring artist, MYN has cast his sounds across the globe. Performing to audiences throughout Europe, Australia, North and South America, he has debuted on several of the World’s premier stages; including Berghain’s Säule space, Tresor W, French bastions Concrete, Rex Club and Machine Du Moulin Rouge in his hometown of Paris, as well as the now defunct Batofar and Lyon’s Le Sucre, Mutabor and Signal Festival (Arma17) in Russia, Interzone Festival NYC and Video Club, Bogota. Far and wide, his prolific ability to engage crowds in the exchange of energy has prevailed. He will also soon take up a residency at the highly touted Kablys Club in Vilnius, Lithuania.


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