IV Horsemen

IV Horsemen is the industrial body music project from Paris-based producer and live artist, Timothee Gainet. Originally playing guitar and drums in bands more punk and shoegaze, Gainet turned to electronic music whilst studying in art school and later became a founding member of French EBM and Wave band, Poison Point. Under the IV Horsemen solo alias, Gainet romanticises the relationship between flesh and machines, dealing in a montage of synth-heavy, metallic industrial body music cut with fragmented live vocals steeped in punk fury.

After a self-titled debut EP on Black Verb Records in 2017, the project emerged fully formed on Berlin’s Aufnahme + Wiedergabe with the release of IV Horsemen’s second record ‘Dies Irae’ EP in Spring ‘19. The 5-track sophomore release pushes further into the industrial arena, conceiving cavernous, pitch-black atmospheres, laced with heavy synth work and propulsive techno lines. Gainet marked his third and arguably most acclaimed work in 2020, with the 6-track ‘Human Crash’ EP released on Berlin’s Fleisch – featuring label boss, Zanias, on the opening title track. The third studio work from IV Horsemen hits with immediate impact, crushing distortions and body music fury, lashed with escalating unease as demonic vocals cut through the grinding abyss.


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